Over 25% of teens report being the victims of social media bullying. Social media awareness is key to preventing an incident before it occurs.

We are proud to announce TruView BSI’s Social Risk AlertsTM powered by Digital Fly, a leader in school safety software. Social Risk Alerts is a critical awareness and notifications tool that helps schools succeed in the fight against social media bullying, suicides, and campus violence.

The program filters public content from social media platforms and geo-locating posts based on keywords and phrases. School administrators can use this information to identify potential threats to students. Social Risk Alerts powered by Digital Fly creates a real-time intelligence tool for creating proactive bullying, violence, and suicide prevention policies and protocols that work.

Social Risk Alerts is easy to use, with no software to install, and it supplements school security systems.

  • Identify and assess the severity of a threat against an individual, a group, or the campus
  • Work more effectively with community partners
  • Communicate more effectively with law enforcement and better coordinate police presence for threats of campus violence
  • Improve situational awareness during incidents
  • Bolster the school safety wall against illegal and criminal activities, active shooter and terrorist incidents, and civil unrest.
  • Ramp up efforts to ensure safety at school-sponsored sporting and social events
  • Be cost-effective while being more proactive in risk mitigation
  • Create a safer school and improve student morale

Social Risk Alerts IMS: Choose TruView as Your Bullying Prevention and Response Partner

TruView’s Social Risk AlertsTM IMS—or “Incident Management System”—builds off the base Social Risk Alerts Powered by Digital Fly software program to provide a system for reporting, investigating, and managing bullying incidents at schools.

With Social Risk Alerts IMS, TruView can become an active partner in bullying prevention and response programs. Powerful, Cloud-based analytical tools give TruView and school administrators immediate, deep visibility into bullying at their schools and a process for investigating, tracking, mitigating, and resolving the incident response—based on your criteria.

A mobile reporting app empowers students to safely report bullying—turning bystanders into “upstanders” and creating a powerful deterrent against future incidents. Reporting provides customized and standardized data for analysis, as well as preset templates to expedite the communications process and help ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. With more and consistent data, TruView’s Social Risk Alerts IMS helps resolve situations before they escalate.

TruView has been a risk management partner for school districts for over 12 years. Our management and investigative services team includes military veterans with active government Top Secret Clearance and years of human intelligence and investigations experience. We are experts in:

  • Using social media intelligence as a basis for delivering customized response plans that work
  • Building holistic, participative team approaches with all stakeholders
  • Identifying cyberbullying risks and responding quickly, based on your mitigation protocols
  • Getting abusive content—including sexting and negative reputation-based content—deleted from social media platforms
  • Up-to-the-minute analyses that enhance your bullying prevention and risk management policies
  • Advocating—and delivering—safer academic environments.

For more information on how to put TruView Social Risk Alerts programs to work for your educational institutions, contact Nick Auletta, CPP, President, at 516.289.0273 or nmauletta@truviewbsi.com.