Shaun Mara joined TruView in February 2021 as Manager of Investigations. He served for 23 years with New York City Police Department, retiring in 2019 with the rank of Detective Sergeant. Shaun served as Commanding Officer for five NYPD Precinct Detective Squads, including the 111th  Precinct from 2017 – 2019; 114th Precinct from 2016 – 2017; and, from 2008 to 2015, the 105th, 106th, and 107th Precincts. He also served as Executive Officer of the Force Investigations Division, Brooklyn – Queens Team and as Investigative Sergeant of Internal Affairs Group 54.

As a Detective Sergeant, Shaun led and resolved a voluminous number of internal and external criminal investigations. He maintained working relationships with law enforcement professionals from other jurisdictions and departments, including the FBI, New York State Police, DEA, ICE, DHS, U.S. Secret Service, and New York Federal Prosecutor’s Office, contributing to numerous high-profile cases. Shaun was cited for Exceptional Police Duty three times. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from Touro Law School and Bachelor of Science degree from Villanova University, and he is a proud member of the NYPD New York City Marathon team.

Shaun says, “Being an NYPD  Sergeant was the best job I ever had. I was in criminal investigations and loved it. I had great teams and we were doing real work, building and resolving cases. We built tight-knit units, and I had the opportunity to train investigators on what we did, why it was important, and the right way to run an investigation. And I bring that same enthusiasm for investigative teamwork and look to build on my experience with TruView.”

Shaun was impressed with TruView from the start. “I knew TruView’s VP of Investigations Al Murphy from NYPD and I knew he wouldn’t have come to TruView if it wasn’t a great company. But before I came on board I did my own investigating, of course, to get a sense of President Nick Auletta’s history and how he runs the business. And I was really impressed, to say the least,” he says. “I was the owner of my own company and I know how business works and I was attracted to the way TruView diversifies its business and its service capabilities.”

Shaun says his priority is building comprehensive, timely cases that assure Clients their trust is well-placed in TruView. “When it comes to responsiveness and our Teams, I keep the lights on all the time, so to speak. I believe that innovation here is a watchword at TruView, and that, as a ‘small company’ in a global market we live or die by staying current with the latest investigative techniques and trends,” he says. “I think I can use my years of managing, training, and working with high-quality investigators to bring out their best. Under the guidance of Al Murphy, and in support of his strategies, my approach is to incrementally refine the work brought to us by our investigators. In my experience, systematic service reviews—not just of our investigators but of our management team, as well—will help us constantly improve the quality of service to our Clients—which is our goal!”