Traditional screening packages may not offer the level of comprehensive assessment you require for certain positions. You may want a more complete picture of what’s behind the resumé. Social media analysis can yield a trove of information about a candidate that can’t be found through other means.

Industry sources reveal that most employers do not request social media searches as part of a holistic approach to screening, yet there use as a screening tool has skyrocketed over the past 10 years. Contradiction? No. It’s clear that HR managers are taking a shortcut and checking social media sites themselves. Who could resist?

However, googling an applicant or checking an Instagram page is not a surefire way to obtain all relevant, obtainable information on an applicant or employee… and more importantly, doing so may violate federal and/or local regulations or statutes.

TruView uses the latest technologies with machine-learning algorithms to rapidly scour all publicly available social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and so forth, plus open-source public media and news on the internet. The program is integrated on the back-end with our background screening platform and is available for both one-time screening and monitoring.  All data retrieved is hashed and saved both via metadata and screengrab for complete FCRA compliance (and dispute resolution, if required). Our analyst team reviews each record with human eyes, so the system goes beyond a key name/term search in the media, and all “hits” are adjudicated at the direct source and local level prior to reporting.

That’s the kind of analysis and expertise we bring to our holistic screens. Food for thought!