The CoVID-19 pandemic has hurt employers in many ways. Many businesses and agencies have been forced to furlough or temporarily suspend employment for individuals until such time as government actions and business warrants re-employment—and for some that can be months.

These employers need to staff up quickly when the time is right but still need to protect themselves to ensure that they are not re-hiring individuals who may have committed crimes in the interim. Full background checks as a rehiring criterion may be too costly in these tough times. But doing nothing subject the employer to too much legal exposure. What’s a company to do?

Continuous criminal monitoring may be the answer. Streamlined and cost-effective, TruView’s continuous monitoring services go beyond database scraping and algorithmic searches, using the best in data sources and new technology and combining human review of all potentially adverse information collected to ensure compliance with the FCRA’s “maximum possibly accuracy” mandate. TruView offers two primary continuous monitoring options.

Continuous Criminal (Arrest, Incarceration, and Booking) Monitoring

Beyond standard national criminal database and arrest database locators, this unique interface provides TruView-adjudicated data from direct interfaces with Department of Correction facilities and jails throughout the country.  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, two-thirds of all felony arrests are pending disposition after six months later and a third are still pending after twelve months, leaving business exposed for months, if not years. The solution covers more than 90% of the country’s population. Results are populated dynamically in real-time to allow TruView analysts to alert Clients to pending court information.  All potentially adverse information is adjudicated at the local level directly by TruView.

ENHANCED Continuous Criminal (Arrest PLUS Direct Court) Monitoring

Enhanced Continuous Criminal Monitoring is the most advanced criminal monitoring solution available in the background screening industry. The Enhanced Monitoring solution includes direct interfaces for arrest, incarceration, and booking information but also includes DIRECT and PRIMARY court record information (not a database or scraped data).  Similar to the Continuous Criminal Monitoring solution, Enhanced Monitoring covers more than 90% of the population (to include 96.25% of the New York population and 75% of all court jurisdictions). The solution also includes nationwide, direct federal court coverage, traffic court violation, and national sex offender registry data.

Other Optional Continuous Monitoring Services

TruView uses the latest monitoring technologies and practices for “finding the needle” to deliver enhanced risk intelligence that protects against contemporaneous threats.

Global Watch List/OFAC Monitoring: Often coupled with our criminal database monitoring, TruView monitors its Global Watch List products on a dynamic basis. Results are obtained from a search of over 175 databases covering U.S. and foreign regulatory sanctions, enforcement, and watch lists.

OSINT + Social Media Monitoring for Reputational Risk: Combining best practices of AI technology, analytic algorithms, and expert human analysis, TruView performs open source intelligence (OSINT) and/or social media monitoring for reputational risk. Keyword searches are implemented across extensive categories. Quarterly refreshes ensure that the most relevant user profiles/names are monitored. Integrated with the back‐end of the TruView platform, it is available for both one‐time screening and monitoring.

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