In a 2014 survey by, 58 percent of hiring managers said they caught lies on applicant resumés. By many industry accounts, in just a few years’ time, it has gotten much worse. One credible survey puts the percentage of hiring managers who have uncovered resumé lies and misrepresentations at an astounding 85 percent while, at the same time, fewer than half of employers verify educational credentials. We think that is cause for concern.

Employment and education verifications are an important part of your screening process. Best practices dictate that for each reference given, the screener will perform multiple attempts over successive days, using multiple means of contract (where possible) at different time periods. Report notations should be scrupulously maintained so you can review them and so that verifications can resume later, such as when a reference returns from vacation. TruView contacts applicants directly (with Client permission) to ask for better/updated reference contact information, if needed.

Food for thought!