Food for thought…

Regulated industries have been performing required continuous, post-hire employment screening (also known as “infinity” screening) for many years. Only recently have industry trends begun to predict an upswing in post-employment screens in unregulated industries. Uber has made headlines for its decision to conduct infinity screening of its driver employees, which appears to be having a very positive effect on removing potential bad actors from its driver force.

Continuous, post-hire screening can be a valuable tool in protecting your organization’s brand, assets, and human capital. In addition to criminal checks, position-specific screens—financial screens, drug screening, professional credentials verification, and driver risk management screens, for example—can be especially useful in ensuring the highest-level workforce. If you are considering infinity screens, remember:

  • Consult with legal counsel and HR experts on the pros and cons of infinity screening, as well as legal ramifications, for your specific circumstances.
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)-compliant Applicant Disclosure and Authorization forms must disclose continuous screening during employment, and employees must give their consent before additional screens are performed.
  • Develop organization policies and practices on how negative records will be handled.
  • Of course, TruView is always ready to develop customized screening programs for your unique needs.

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