Electronic Verifications Help HR Managers Navigate the Coronavirus

With school closures and many businesses and agencies operating remotely or with partial staffing during the COVID-19 pandemic response, delays in employment and education verifications are practically inevitable. The individuals needed to verify employment and education simply may not be picking up the phone. Yet HR managers cannot afford to compromise on their hiring due diligence—we will get through the coronavirus and, now more than ever, we will need strong team members to rebuild.

TRUverificationsTM conducted by our experienced research analysts are state-of-the-art but current electronic verification technology, expertly applied, is an effective alternative, especially in these challenging times. We have integrated this technology with our background screening platform and customized its automated program architecture to ensure its adherence to TruView’s best practice approach and our ability to obtain substantive verification of candidate qualifications and honesty.

Please call to discuss how to put this tool to work for you to help expedite verifications during the coronavirus pandemic.