Now’s a Good Time to Strengthen Your Post-COVID-19 Drug Screening Compliance Program

If your hiring program has been temporarily reduced due to the coronavirus crisis, this may be an opportune time to reinforce your drug screening compliance program by utilizing TruView’s strategic partnerships to offer value-added service dimensionality for Clients who use our background screening platform.

Those who participated in TruView’s successful February webinar, “Key Considerations in Developing Compliant, Effective Workplace Drug Screening Policies,” were introduced to Bill Current, President and Founding Partner of Current Consulting Group, a highly respected consultant in all areas of substance abuse testing. Through TruView’s partnership with Current Consulting, we are able to offer Clients important drug testing compliance services at very affordable rates.

Custom Policy Consultation

Customized policy development and review services help you achieve a companywide, state-of-the-art drug policy without having to maintain in-house expertise. An extensive questionnaire helps identify targets and benchmarks that provide a framework from which to develop a robust, compliant policy that reflects your organizational culture, existing safety and disciplinary standards, and desired objectives. The comprehensive programmatic treatment extends to policies on purpose statement; coverage; prohibited conduct; consequences for employee non-compliance; drug and alcohol test types; drug and alcohol testing procedures; medical marijuana and CBD oil; and policy consent forms.

Policy Review services take a customized approach to meeting your goals and external regulatory requirements, with services that may extend to comprehensive section-by-section policy review; written evaluation with line-by-line recommendations; practical suggestions; state-by-state requirements outlined for all applicable states; federal drug and alcohol testing requirements; policy strengths and weaknesses; and more.

Comprehensive assessment of your substance abuse testing program is available, with a detailed review such critical focus areas as DOT testing requirements; management and reporting requirements; and non-DOT testing requirements based on your state(s) of operation. Each component is evaluated, with remediation steps prioritized.

Drug Screening Education and Training: Both interactive, online and on-site training is available, to include:
• Supervisor Training—emphasizing responsibilities regarding reasonable cause determinations, detection and recognition of substance use and alcohol abuse, methods of confronting suspected substance or alcohol abusers, and rehabilitation processes.
• Employee Training—ensuring that employees understand and accept your drug-free workplace program.
• Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training—designed to assist DERs in understanding their important roles and responsibilities.

Compliance Audit Support & Preparation Services: Utilizing the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of drug testing laws, these services prepare Clients for federal and state workplace regulations, or other regulatory audits, with a complete assessment of compliance with regulations. Support coverage includes DOT, FAA, FTA, FMCSA, PHMSA, FRA, MARAD, and all 50 states. Based on the audit, an in-depth report is prepared, detailing compliance issues, areas of concern, and remediation steps. Compliant policies cover such areas as medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, CBD oil, specimen types, testing procedures, legal prescription drugs, mandatory site testing, Workers’ Compensation issues, Americans with Disabilities Act, and more.

TruView’s drug screening services are integrated with our background screening platform, offering a one-stop platform for regulated and unregulated drug screens. We are directly connected to a vast medical lab network that includes Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp/MedTox, and Alere eScreen—over 13,000 access points, nationwide.