Are They Who They Say They Are?

Verifying candidate identity is a basic yet critical part of the background screening process. As remote hiring capabilities become more important during the coronavirus response, TruView has a number of tools that verify signature identity and help HR managers streamline electronic hiring. Moreover, as identity theft continues to be a major threat in the electronic space, it is important to use reliable identity verification technologies that protect you and your candidates.

To be compliant with federal regulations—and for your peace of mind—background screens require a high assurance of authentication. TruView’s background screening platform is integrated with tools from Adobe, the credit bureaus, other providers, and our own platform technology for this purpose. We have partnered with Adobe Sign for electronic signatures in release forms, retrievable at any time by authorized Client personnel. Email is the default first factor authentication for Adobe Sign but you can also configure the tool to send a protected alphanumeric password for added authentication.

Furthermore, TruView is excited to offer identity verification technology for high-security applications through the same Adobe electronic signature integration, whereby the system prompts applicants to take a picture of their government‐issued ID and authenticates it at the direct source. The process can verify nearly all ICAO‐compliant global passports, as well as authenticate identification/licenses from the U.S. and many international countries. We have found this tool especially useful for on-site contractor or vendor verifications.

But we can provide additional layers of authentication, based on your security requirements. One tool, for example, is a dynamic knowledge-based authentication tool that uses encrypted data to generate fact-based questions that are hacker-resistant, such as those that ask for previous addresses, vehicles the candidate has owned or leased, and former phone numbers. Before applicants are granted access, they are presented with multiple choice questions generated from their personal information, with a set time to answer correctly. If unsuccessful, the applicant can retry but after four unsuccessful attempts, he or she is locked out for seven days.

As a best practice, TruView continually seeks enhanced technologies to integrate with our background screening platform and deliver real-world solutions that expand capabilities, ensure compliance, extend cost-effectiveness, and maximize protection. Call us today for more detailed information on our cost-effective, comprehensive identify verification capabilities.