TruView 100% U.S. Based and Leading in Court Access, Screen Completions During CoVID-19

Don’t be swayed by background screening companies claiming special technological access to court records during the CoVID-19 crisis, which other consumer reporting agencies like TruView do not have. Their claims are is absurd. Worse, they are cynical attempts to seize on the apprehensions of HR managers during the pandemic to gain an unearned competitive advantage. We’re not overly concerned about such tactics because our service and performance speak for themselves. But we do want to underscore the truth, and it is good news for TruView Clients: TruView remains 100% U.S. based and an industry leader for criminal background check completion percentage, average turnaround times, fewest disputes, and highest quality!

TruView partners with the best court research firms to perform automated court records searches in every state- and county-level court jurisdiction throughout the United States—literally thousands of courts. Our court research partners are renowned throughout the industry and use a combination of automated, real-time data extraction technologies and networks of professional on-site court researchers to provide complete coverage of the criminal court systems, nationwide. We have carefully chosen our partners; their business is data solutions and they are the experts.

We enacted our company business continuity plan on March 12, the day after the virus was declared a pandemic and the federal government issued a national emergency. We acted quickly because it was abundantly clear to us that there would be a requirement for remote work and we wanted to move all of our systems to accommodate those changes. Part of that is our work with our onsite court researchers and automation infrastructure.

As you may have noticed in our daily (and now weekly) Client COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan Email Briefings, we maintain a complete, county-by-county listing of closures and delays. Additionally, behind-the-scenes, we identify jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction alternate research sources to use for complete local, county, or state system shutdowns. The court closures/delays and alternative sourcing lists are updated continuously throughout the day, giving us the most updated information available—to anyone.

This automated information is available to our research analysts, team leaders, and management team to help us inform our Clients about the best way to complete their searches. The infrastructure also uses the latest in Robotic Process Automation and extraction technology, to automate electronically with courts, wherever possible. Unfortunately, that automation is not possible at some jurisdictions and the COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated that issue with slower responses times in some of those same jurisdictions (again, for all background screening firms). For these case, we continue to find and suggest to our Clients creative alternatives (there are alternative public access systems for convictions in some states) that may be available. We decided not to bombard our Client inboxes with daily briefings but our teams are communicating directly with Clients on an individual basis when there are alternatives.

Still, the closures and delays experienced throughout the country (and listed in our briefings) represent a fraction of the country’s court system. In fact, TruView has achieved a 95.34% completion rate within 72 hours for criminal background screens during the pandemic. That’s at the top in the industry. More importantly, it is important to understand that TruView’s 72-hour completion rate represents direct court searches and not a scraping technology or proprietary databases of previously filled orders. Large background screening companies fulfill large numbers of orders and therefore have a large dataset of “court information,” but much of that information cannot be assumed to be current and, if relied on to complete a background check, does not comply with the FCRA’s “maximum possible accuracy” dictate.

We at TruView strongly believe that direct court searches are the only way to ensure maximum possible accuracy. By adhering to the maximum possible accuracy clause without compromise—and by building our company on quality service, exceeding expectations, and compliance—TruView can proudly boast of a dispute rate that competitors cannot achieve: a tiny fraction of 1% (literally). We are proud that our dispute rate and proprietary practices keep TruView and our Clients out of court. TruView continues to beat industry turnaround times while still protecting our Clients from getting dragged into unnecessary litigation from our practices—and we do that cost-effectively. Moreover, we have NEVER caused our Clients to be party to litigation because of our research (unfortunately, the “normal” industry rate for disputes is 10%; many lead to civil lawsuits against background screening companies and their client employers).

There is no substitute for background screens that are built on industry best practices and Client responsiveness. Unlike some companies, the TruView Team has no time for specious claims. Nor would it ever occur to us to make them: We are too busy doing everything we can to provide uncompromisingly great background checks and help our Clients get through this crisis—together!

As always, thank you for your trust in TruView!