After six years as the Manager of Fleet Services and Director of Procurement for Summit Security Services, Inc., formerly one of the top-ten largest providers of security services in the United States, Michael Auletta joined TruView in late 2020 to take on a key role as its Company Administrative Officer. As CAO, Michael helps keep TruView running smoothly, planning and executing administrative and support functions for the organization in a variety of areas, such as information systems, equipment, workflow processes, contracts and licensing, backend integrations, and buildings services. If it needs improving, upgrading, fixing, purchasing, or organizing, chances are Michael has his hand in it.

With Summit, Michael managed, upgraded, and serviced a fleet of hundreds of vehicles in locations throughout Tr-State New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut for high-profile clients. Promoted to Director of Procurement, he managed the vehicle, equipment, and uniform requirements for hundreds of large security contracts and a force of 6,000 security personnel. He managed phone services for the entire organization (over 500 phones); performed client surveys for uniforms and equipment needs; and managing procurement for the company’s IT needs, including Command Center operations; and more. Prior to Summit, after receiving a bachelor’s degree in culinary and food services management from Johnson & Wales University, Michael managed thriving Long Island restaurants for six years.

Michael says he was drawn to TruView for a few reasons. “First, of course, TruView is an outgrowth of Summit Security, so there’s the familiarity factor, but I also see joining TruView as a natural progression in my career. I’m able take what I learned at Summit and apply it even more broadly and dynamically at TruView. I’m especially interested in helping TruView evolve its technologies to facilitate our Investigative, Background Screening, and Due Diligence operations. We’re growing at TruView, so being at the front of supporting that growth is really exciting.”

Michael relishes his position as a go-to person and how it fits TruView. “My primary goal is to enhance tools, systems, and processes so our leaders and experts can create, innovate, and serve,” he says. “If I do my part by helping to build a super-efficient, seamless backend and support infrastructure, our background screening and investigative experts are in a better position to give our Clients what they expect: the best service in the industry.”