“TRU”verification: Your Verification on Adrenaline

If you haven’t seen Rocky III stop here and go watch it. Then come on back. Okay, so we’re not really expecting you to watch the movie, but since our allegory relies on it, here’s a brief setup: Rocky Balboa, boxing’s World Heavyweight Champion, played by the immortal Sylvester Stallone. In the spirit of raising money for charity, he squares off against Thunderlips, wrestling’s World Heavyweight Champion, played by the incomparable Hulk Hogan. It’s the unbeatable force against the immovable object, or as Thunderlips proclaims, “The ultimate male against the ultimate meatball.”

The melee that ensues is pure pandemonium (at least check it out on YouTube), with *SPOILERS* Balboa eventually subduing the giant and the announcer declaring the exhibition a draw. It’s an adrenaline packed sequence that displays the athleticism of both actors. Which got us here at TruView thinking: What if the best of both characters were combined?

Imagine it. The size and scale of Thunderlips. His overwhelming strength and initial total dominance of his opponent. Then picture the speed of Rocky. The quick thinking and ingenuity to cut off his gloves. The impact his delivery has on chopping down the human tree. The tenacity and determination to see the job through. Merge these two colossal entities together and you have a perfect analogy for TruView’s TRUverification.

With TRUverification, your verification becomes the adrenaline packed equivalent of an 80’s action sequence. For Education Verification, we work through multiple alternate sources, to include District Offices, Public Repositories, and the Board of Education, to name a few, while providing consistent feedback to our Clients on any use of alternate sources and/or delays. For Employment Verification, we believe our TRUverification is the industry best practice for verifications. We conduct three attempts at a verification, but we focus on direct contact with the employer. Our rule is three attempts over three days at three different times over three different mediums (email, fax, phone, secondary email). If unable to contact, we reach out to the applicant (or HR) for an additional contact or for secondary sources of verification, such as a W-2, payroll stubs from the first and last dates of employment, etc. This method helps ensure no verifications are closed as unable to verify. A third-party verification is used only as a last resort to limit the employer’s exposure to this fee.

So it’s plain to see how our system blends together the ultimate attributes to be the best in the industry. The scale to cover all of the possible verification avenues. The speed with which we are able to provide results. The ingenuity to go beyond a phone call and seek out alternate methods of evidence. And finally, the strength of our efforts, something we will always stand behind. So forget going for the draw. Forget competing in an exhibition. Our TRUverifications are like a knockout punch on the way to the title.